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Need reliable Euro Yen and Aussie forecasts for business costing and planning your hedges? We had started to offer long-term forecasts on Euro Yen and Aussie, spanning over period of 3-quarters. We i ....

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02-Nov-16 / DJIA 17960 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The US stock market generally remains unaffected by the presidential election in the long run, as evident from the chart below. Except for the tenure of Geo ....

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05-August-16 Real World GDP 2015: 3.1% / Current Global GDP consensus: 3.04% (2016) EXECUTIVE SUMMARY It is to be reasonably expected that initial forecasts of global GDP forecasts may be off the ma ....

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02-May-16 / Brent 45.91 / USDINR 66.44 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Contrary to the popular notion, data shows that Rupee & Brent Crude move mostly in a similar direction and not opposite to each other. T ....

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26-Apr-16Dow Jones @ 17990 Could we be on the cusp of a gigantic bull run in the Dow Jones?  If history repeats itself, the chances would be high. In the last 115 years, there have been two periods ....


13Jan17: US Yield Spread (30-10 & 30-5) near 2015 low. Maybe 30Yr yield (2.98%) can rise.

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Examination of data shows that India Exports do not rise with Rupee weakness. .

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#DAX taking support at 11400? Bullish momentum looks strong towards 11800..

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#Gold 1130...Heading towards 1100-1050 and maybe lower to 1000 in the coming weeks. Could...

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