Long-term forecasts on Euro, Yen and Aussie

May, 11, 2017     By Vikram Murarka    0 comments

Need reliable Euro, Yen and Aussie forecasts for business costing and planning your hedges?

We had started to offer long-term forecasts on Euro, Yen and Aussie, spanning over period of 3-quarters. We intend to continue the forecasts on a monthly basis which would reflect changes in our view based on market volatility.

As is unique to KSHITIJ.COM, you will find not only a directional view, but even explicit high-low-close projections for each quarter.


Euro May17 Longterm Report   


There is no change in view as Euro tested but failed to break above the major resistance of 1.10. A break above 1.10 is a necessary condition for further rise to 1.12 and 1.15 but the downside risk remains open till the breakout is seen.

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Japanese Yen May17 Longterm Report  


Dollar-Yen has bounced back from levels just above 108, mentioned as the low for Apr-Jun quarter in our previous report. Now, looking at the next 2-3 months, the currency pair could remain ranged within 108-115 region with a possible extension to 116-118 levels.


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Aussie May17 Longterm Report  


For the last 2 months, we have been keeping a bullish stance regarding Aussie. While the bullish confirmation hasn’t materialized, Aussie has come down due to commodity weakness. The preferred bullish scenario is now moderated but we may have to reconsider our upside bias if the support of 0.7280 fails hold.


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