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Highlights of Kshitij Forecasts: 2016

Kshitij has been making long term forecast for almost the last 16 years to help you meet with the oppurtunities that the market inevitably brings.

Ranked #1 worldwide by Bloomberg

We were ranked #1 worldwide, by Bloomberg for our Dollar-Rupee forecast in Dec’15.

And to prove that it wasn’t a one off we continued to deliver startling forecasts even in 2016. Here are some examples of forecasts that were outside the consensus when they were made, but were proved correct.

Note: We are the only non-bank forex forecaster in India to have earned this #1 ranking from Bloomberg.

Here are some examples of forecasts that were outside the consensus when they were made, but were proved correct.


2016 Recap: USDINR

What we said :

In our Mar’16 monthly report, we had said that USDINR (67.34) may trade sideways between 66-69 till Sep’16.

USDINR View Mar'16

What happened :

USDINR remained stuck exactly between 66 and 69 till the very end of 2016.

USDINR Quarterly Candles

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2016 Recap: Nifty View

What we said :

In our Oct’16 quarterly report, we had said that the Nifty could test 8000 and even 7700. (Most people were bullish at that time)

Nifty View Oct'16

What happened :

Nifty tested 8000 on 9th Nov’16 and further made a low of 7894 on 26th Dec’16.

Nifty View Nov'16


2016 Recap: Brent View

What we said :

In our Jan’16 quarterly report, it was said that a big short squeeze might push Brent ($37) to $60 levels.

Brent view Jan'16
What happened :

Brent has risen to make a high of $58.37 on 3rd Jan‘17.

Rise in Brent


2016 Recap: DOW View

What we said :

In our Apr’16 article "Can Dow Jones rise 9X times?", we had said that Dow Jones (17990) might rise to 22500 in the next 12 months.

Dow view Apr'16

What happened :

Dow has tested 21170 on 3rd Mar’17 with the possibility of further rise to 22500 by the end of Apr’17 open yet.

Dow view Mar'17


72 percent reliability

And many other such examples makes us the only forecaster with
a 11-year track record of 72% reliability for our Dollar-Rupee forecasts.

To see how we calculate Reliability and to see our 11-year track record, please click on http://72pct.com


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Chief Currency Strategist at KSHITIJ.COM. Likes to look at the markets from many different angles. Weaves many conventional and unconventional technical analysis techniques and fundamental analysis into a global macro perspective. Likes to take the road less traveled.

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