Can this US election be different from history

Nov, 02, 2016     By Vikram Murarka    0 comments

02-Nov-16 / DJIA 17960


The US stock market generally remains unaffected by the presidential election in the long run, as evident from the chart below. Except for the tenure of George Bush Jr. (2001-09), all the presidential tenures have seen almost uninterrupted bull markets. Regarding the short to medium term impact, the table below indicates that the market generally tends to rise going into the election and performs even better after the election. History doesn’t show major disturbance due to the election and it remains to be seen if this impending election can trigger something different.

Chances are, even a Republican victory this time may not produce more than a knee-jerk reaction to the downside and the long term uptrend may sustain.

Dow Log Chart

Dow Jones performance around US Presidential election:


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